March 3 – June 24, 2017

The yoga teacher training that teaches you how to teach!S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200

Our 200-hour teacher training is a comprehensive program that will provide the essential knowledge for dedicated students who wish to teach or simply enhance their practice.

It is an opportunity to deepen and develop your understanding of yoga within a program that is Yoga Alliance certified.

We’re as passionate about preparing our teachers as we are about our yoga – and we look forward to the journey!

Professional and Transformational

The 3-month course allows time to learn the asanas (postures) and anatomy, as well as how to prevent injuries in class.

Small Class Size

With only 21 spaces available we make sure you receive our undivided individual attention.

Varied Styles

We introduce different styles of yoga and meditation. Our focus is on approaching the postures in different ways ensuring you are well equipped to teach Hot, Yin and Vinyasa.

Public Speaking

We provide voice-coaching sessions so you learn to speak confidently and authentically.

Real Class Teaching /Assisting Experience

Training includes the opportunity to co-teach and assist in a regular class.

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To apply, please complete the form and send it to

Fiona or Sandey – info@omyogastudio.co.nz

Hear from Our Graduate

"Om Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training is transformational. It not only offered me the chance to deepen and develop my understanding of yoga but it really pushed me to my edge and helped me blossom.

There was an amazing range of inspirational teachers that held workshops – ranging from meridian lines, voice training to chakras and Yin Yoga.

The training offered the small group of teacher trainees the opportunity to find their passion within the yoga world – whether we went on to teach or not.

The wealth of knowledge of the teachers and the asana clinics assured me that I would be provided with everything I needed to teach. The opportunity to teach parts of public classes from the very beginning gave me the confidence to begin my teaching journey soon after graduating.

The course was deeply challenging but Fiona and Sandey ensured there was space to absorb the physical and spiritual changes that occurred. It allowed me to look deeply at where I was in my life and helped me make some really important decisions. 

Since graduation I’ve carried the inspiration off my yoga mat into each day. Yoga isn’t confined to the studio – ‘Yoga is Now’!"

~ Tennessee Mansford