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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is an invigorating, energizing practice that aligns the body in various postures while synchronizing the breath with the movement. Together, we breathe move and flow from one pose to another.  Finding fluidity and ease in the body, as well as strengthening and focusing the mind. Vinyasa is a creative, fun practice that often incorporates breath awareness, sun salutations, core strengthening, arm balances, standing balancing poses with a few floor postures to strengthen the core, spine and open the hips. All levels are welcome (although it is a stronger practice). Our teachers always offer modifications or variations to help you find your flow while building strength, stamina and resilience.

Hot Flow

Hot Flow is exactly the same as Vinyasa Flow except the room is heated to 32 degrees. Especially good if you like the heat and to sweat a little! You will come out glowing and energized!

Hatha Align

Our Hatha Align class is designed to give you a well-rounded yoga experience. Beginning with Pranayama (breath exercise) to awaken awareness of the breath, followed by traditional hatha style postures focused on alignment to build strength, flexibility and focus, including floor postures that will strengthen and mobilise your core, hips and spine. 

This class is great for any level from beginners to advanced yogis wanting to focus on their basic alignment and foundational practice.

NB: Partner work may be included on Wednesday or Saturday classes

Hot Hatha

Our Hot Hatha classes take a more classical approach to sequencing by incorporating breathing exercises and postures to increase mobility in the spine, hips, quadriceps and hamstrings. This fun focused class is heated to 36-38 degrees for a detoxifying sweat. All levels are welcome. Bring a towel and water bottle along with you.

Slow Flow

Lets drop the tempo.

Our Slow Flow class is light and creative, a lot slower paced and gentler than the vinyasa classes. It has a similar structure to the Vinyasa practice with Sun Salutations and flowing poses but with a little more mindfulness, giving students time to really get to feel each pose.

A perfect way to practice on a laid back Sunday afternoon if you want to move your body and calm the mind.

Yin Yoga

Yin classes are great for beginners and experienced Yogis who would like to work on mobility, flexibility and experience quiet mindfulness. The use of props and blankets is encouraged to support the postures. Our Sunday night Yin class is super popular – set in a beautiful ambience of candles and soft music. This class is a perfect way to end the weekend and begin a new week.



  1. Slowly and mindfully entering the pose using the breath to stimulate the flow of chi (energy) and remain focused on the sensations promoted by the pose.
  2. Help nourish the joints by remaining still and allow gravity to have us.
  3. The lengthy posture steadiness allows one to develop yin qualities of surrender, similar to a long acupuncture session. This allows the full nourishment of the meridians and Yin tissue (connective tissue, joints and ligaments).

Yin Candlelight

Yin Yoga with room surrounded by candles

Yin Yang

This is a reasonably new and popular practice that balances the masculine and feminine aspects of Yoga. The first part of the class is spent warming up with breath awareness and some gentler movements then shifting the energy into a more energizing flow coming back down to Yin.  A great class for all levels to experience both the flow style and Yin where postures are held for longer.

Yin activity is slow, steady with a sense of core softness and surrender. Yang activity is active, builds to an apex before calming down and maintains a core strength that requires appropriate effort. The main difference between these styles of engagement is a matter of degree and more about how we practice determines whether we target the yin (connective tissues) or yang (muscular) tissues more directly or indirectly. The combination of Yin/Yang yoga allow for setting up inner alignment, creating the foundation for outer or postural alignment. Together Yin/Yang makes for a well-rounded, balanced practice for the body and mind.

Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga

In this special class expect to experience the profound effects of the mix of Myofascia release (MFR) and Yin yoga.

MFR is a hands-on technique that involves using myofascia balls to apply gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissue to reduce pain and restore motion. This will stimulate the bodies natural response and start working on the “issues in the tissues”.

This is combined with a yin practice to complement the Myfoascical work done during the practice.

Think of it like a Deep Tissue Massage – you will leave the class feeling more open and free.

Please hydrate well after class.

Hatha Align and Meditation

The first 60 minutes of this class is designed to give the student a well-rounded yoga experience. Beginning with Pranayama to awaken awareness of the breath followed by traditional hatha style postures focused on alignment including floor postures that will work your core, hips and spine.

This class is great for any level from beginners to advanced yogis wanting to focus on their basic alignment and foundational practice.

The final 15 minutes will be a guided meditation. This is optional for all student but highly recommended for any level of practitioner.

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. It develops concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and seeing of ones true nature. Through different variations of meditation practice we start to notice the inner workings of the mind and habitual patterns.

The foundation to all meditation is to cultivate a calm and positive state of mind.

Hatha Align & Yoga Nidra

This will be a well balanced practice of the traditional Hatha style with the ever popular and in demand Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra also known as yogic sleep, it is an immensely powerful meditation technique where you are in a state of conciousness between waking and asleep.

While the practitioner rests comfortably in Savasana, this systematic meditation takes you through the Pancha Maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness.  With the senses internalised we then enter into a state of deep relaxation whilst still being conscious.

Beginners Course

We offer regular beginners courses, which are a great place to start. If you haven’t been into a studio setting before it can be quite daunting. So our beginners course helps put you at ease and melt away any fears of not being flexible enough or strong enough with an inhale and exhale. You will begin the yoga journey becoming familiar with the postures, breath and have some fun learning new things about yourself and your body.


We offer a variety of workshops with both international and local teachers from inversions and arms balance workshops, spine, posture clinics, yin and restorative yoga. Take a look at our home page to see what workshops are happening every month.

Workshops are a good way to dive deeper into an area of inspiration and learning.

Wee Ones 4-8yrs old

In this fun class, we will cover basic yoga poses and mindfulness in a hands-on way through mandala drawing, crafts, play and breathing. Children will learn focus, calmness, gratitude, kindness, self love, stress management and yoga asanas.
Ages: Children 4-8 years old
Date & Time: Thursday 4 – 4:45pm
Cost: $15 per class /Full Term $130

Kids Yoga 9-12yrs old

In this fun class, we will cover yoga poses and sequences as well as practise mindfulness through play and breath work. We find this helps children learn how to focus, find inner calm, gratitude, kindness and self love. Students love these classes, they feel relaxed and have a lot of fun while learning skills to equip them for life.
Ages: Children 9-12 years old
Date & Time: Thursday 5 – 6pm

Cost: $16 per class /Full Term $140


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