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Sandey Hoskin

Sandey completed her 200-hour Teacher Training in 2009. In 2014 she completed 300-hours with Mark Stephens in Santa Cruz to become 500hr RYT registered. She is a lead teacher and mentor for Om Yoga Studio Teacher Training Program. Sandey’s strength’s are in teaching Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra, facilitating and holding space for students to transform in their own way at their own pace, to listen to their own inner guide (Atman).  Her teaching style is creative, challenging and inspiring.

Sandey is passionate about developing and inspiring teachers and students to find their dharma (purpose). Sandey has furthered her education and training with Leslie Kaminoff – Yoga Anatomy, Mark Stephens (500hr RYT), Duncan Peak, Amy Ippoliti, Tiffany Cruikshank, Shiva Rea, Noah Maze and Cameron Shayne. She is currently completing another 300hrs with Rod Stryker (ParaYoga) in Vinyasa Krama and Patanjalis Yoga Sutras.

With a passion for holistic health and well-being Sandey’s classes and teachings offer more than just a physical practice. Sandey emphasizes the importance of integrating all aspects of yoga including Ayurvedic principles into her teaching. She is both caring and intuitive in her approach. Sandey is focused to strong safe structural alignment principles, along with mindfulness and breath awareness tools and techniques to guide individuals into a deeper awakening of mind-body-spirit connection.

Fiona Liu

Fiona is a highly experienced yoga teacher, specializing in Yin and Yin Yang styles.

She also enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes.

There is always an aspect of meditation in her classes no matter what style it is. You’ll leave feeling inspired and peaceful.

She is a lead teacher, mentor and facilitator at the Om Yoga Studio teacher training program along with Sandey Hoskin.

Over the past few years, she has mentored a number of teaching graduates and yoga teachers, and helped them to hone their teaching skills.

For Fiona, “The on-going self-inquiry of yoga allows me to look deep inside and be clear of what I need on and off the mat. Yoga helps me open to life’s limitless opportunities and live with a more open mind and an open heart.” Fiona is passionate about yoga therapy, helping people awaken their body and mind through yoga and is encouraging of the potential discovery of peacefulness, calmness and strength practice brings.

Fiona has studied with world-class yoga teachers like Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Tiffany Cruikshank, Donna Farhi, Noah Maze, Duncan Peak and Desiree Rumbaugh, thus learnt yoga and understand it from different perspectives.
She is fascinated by how our human bodies are so different and respect the differences in a group classes and highly capable of working with individuals.

She teaches Private sessions using her yoga therapy skills, as well as group classes at both The Yoga Corner and Om Yoga Studio. She enjoys what students teach her as much she teaches them and is grateful the shared process of self-discovery, strength and joy in every class.

Kylie Harris (RYT-500, E-RYT200, YACEP Provider)

Kylie Rook is a Yoga Medicine Registered Therapeutic Specialist.  E-RYT 500, E-RYT 200 and YACEP provider.  She has more than 1000 hours of training and almost 20 years of personal practice under her belt.  

Her experience, training and knowledge is evident in the classes and workshops she leads.With a teaching style totally her own, Kylie understands the body from a Western perspective and fuses that with the tradition of yoga to enhance the lives of her students.

Her classes bring an intelligent understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the human condition, paired with classical yogic philosophy and Chinese Medicine.She also holds a Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Dance and has completed more than 20 individual yoga trainings with some of the worlds preeminent Yoga Teachers and Training Schools.She has also spent more than 10 years working as a Post Production Supervisor in Film and TV so she has an understanding of how yoga can help stressful office environments, improve focus, productivity and the health of employees.

Kylie delights in teaching and is a natural born teacher able to lead both beginners and advanced practitioners safely.  She also has a passion for neuroscience and how yoga can assist with conditions such as anxiety, depression and other psychosomatic conditions.

Her warmth, enthusiasm for yoga and guidance will inspire you to keep coming back to the mat.

Mari-Halina Colbert

Physical expression has been an organic part of Mari’s life for many years.

With a degree in contemporary dance and experience as a professional dancer touring Europe, yoga was a natural progression from her extensive experience and knowledge with the dancing body and a deep rooted curiosity in mindfulness and meditation. Having completed her 200 hour hatha/vinyasa yoga TTC in India and currently studying 200 hour Embodied Flow teacher training with Adele Kinghan, Mari is driven by a profound passion to help and guide others on their yoga journey, amalgamating her love for dance and movement with her fascination and passion for mental health and well-being and the holistic, life-affirming philosophy of yoga.

Toni Alston

Toni is a graduate of the OM 200 hour Teacher Training program.  She has always been fascinated by the power of movement, stillness and mindfulness in creating self-transformation and healing.
Her curiosity led her to study the brain and body from a biomedical perspective.  She left university feeling like there was a piece missing from the science, which sparked the beginning of her meditation practice and deepening of her personal yoga journey throughout her travels in South America. . Toni loves to explore and share the joy of movement and stillness through dance and martial arts as well as yoga and meditation. 

Stephanie Ioka

Stephanie completed OM’s 200 hour Teacher Training program in 2016. Over the past year she has taught Yin yoga and recently completed OM’s Advanced Teacher Training Module focusing on Yin, Mindfulness and the Meridians. A keen student herself, Stephanie is intent on continuing to deepen her understanding of the practice in years to come, especially the positive impact yoga and meditation has on one’s mental health and well-being.

Stephanie loves the grounding effect of yoga. In her personal practice she has experienced the power it has to reconnect and restore in the midst of busy daily life. She hopes to share this sense of reconnection and peace in her classes.

Lizzie Rous

With over 7 year’s experience teaching yoga, and many more practising, Lizzie’s classes are lighthearted, rhythmical and fun whilst always respecting the traditions of yoga. She is a firm believer that the first form of communication is touch, so often physically adjusts students to help support them as their practice opens in various new dimensions. 

At the age of 23, curious and eager, Lizzie travelled to India to train under the guidance of Deepak Sharma for her 200hr TTC. What was initially an exploration into self turned into a discovery of Dharma, her life’s purpose as a yoga teacher and a path that would naturally start to pave itself. Moving straight from India, Lizzie found an opportunity to work on a Super Yacht as a yoga teacher. There, she was lucky enough to slowly build up a portfolio of private clients that she would then go on to work with around the world in locations such as London, Thailand, Russia and Japan. In 2015, Lizzie returned back to India, the birth place of yoga, to complete her 500hr TTC and after a few years of exploring and travelling the world Lizzie was ready to lay roots and immerse herself into a yoga community, sharing what she had learnt along the way. 

Finding herself at home in various Auckland studios, Lizzie has until recently been teaching full time. 2018 gave Lizzie her greatest joy, a baby girl, and after 8 months off she is finally ready to marry her two passions together, motherhood and yoga. Now she is taking inspiration from a new source of knowledge as well as implementing lessons she has learnt before motherhood into new experiences she finds herself in today. She is excited to see how it all reveals itself on the mat. 

Dan Fanthorpe

Dan has been a dedicated teacher and practitioner of yoga for the past 30 years. He loves to keep yoga simple, his method of weaving traditional yoga philosophy and asana together aims to help guide students to a better understanding, appreciation, and application of yoga in everyday life.

Yoga has always been a way of life for Dan, his mum who is an eccentric Hatha yogini with over 50 years of experience, used to drag this grumpy little boy to her yoga classes each week. Initially, Dan hated going to yoga because it was filled with old people wearing lycra, but secretly, he grew to love it, especially when it was time for relaxation. As Dan grew up, he started to understand the value of the practice of yoga and how it could be used to enhance all aspects of life.

In 1998 when he was 18, he completed his first Yoga teacher training and soon after took his first trip to India, where he fell in love with the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. In 2003 he completed an intensive nine-month teacher training with Lousia Seers in Byron Bay before moving to Sydney in 2004 to study and teach with Eileen Hall at Ashtanga Yoga Moves. It took Dan a further 12 years of travelling to India to receive his level 2 authorisation from the Ashtanga yoga institute in Mysore, India, from his teachers Sri K Pattabhi & Sharath Jois. In 2009 Dan opened Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle where he spent the next 10 years building a beautiful yoga community, being a dad, husband and trying to surf as much as possible. Currently, Dan is back in little old kiwi land on a new adventure studying osteopathy.

Juan Diaz

Vinyasa- Restorative- and Yin Yoga Teacher, influenced by Ashtanga and Iyengar


Enthusiasm to love your Life is contagious around Juan. His expert Passion connects People to their own joyful Potential.

As a humble Warrior who grew up in Colombia, Juan listened to the Wisdom of ancient Philosophy in the Depth of the Jungle- immersing himself in the Languages and spiritual Traditions.

His profound Curiosity for Ancient Techniques to gain a deeper Understanding of Existence and the Self, opened a Portal to his now 15 years long Yogic Pathway. 

Juan discovered Yoga and explored intensely the physical, mental, and spiritual Disciplines- realising that through Movement (Asana), Breath Awareness (Pranayama) and Meditation, he steps further into the great Mystery of Consciousness and Reality. 

Juan did his first formal teacher training was in New Zealand a at the Wellpark College of Natural Therapies.

He is constantly developing, the Life loving Yogi is practicing, studying and teaching by the guidance of great Masters from all over the World- Such. He’s main teacher has been Maty Ezraty, he has studied with senior Iyengar Teachers around the globe and the Iyengar Family at the Iyengar Yoga institute in Pune. Hes passion and curiosity for this Path keeps him inspire to learn and keep studying the depths of Yoga. 

In recent years Juan has been Simon Parks Assistant, he gained Knowledge in creating Teacher Trainings and Workshops in Europe to follow his Mission of a travelling as a humble Yoga Teacher around the Planet.

Juan’s Style of Teaching is dynamic, challenging and fun. He emphasises proper Alignment by guiding the Student to a safe Space for the Body to express its own unique Way of Embodying the Posture. The Student will be flowing through Asanas, integrating Breath with Movement and helping the Mind to reach Stillness to go deeper into the Practice. Diaz concludes his Classes through guided Meditations, accompanied by the Sound of his Flute- transforming the class into a holistic Experience for the entire Being.

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Ally Moore

Yoga found Ally during a two year solo sojourn through the depths of South East Asia and India in 2017. She was immediately hooked on the philosophical and energetic aspects of the practice and headed straight for Rishikesh, India – the believed birthplace of yoga – where she jumped into a 200-hour Astanga Vinyasa training. Upon returning to Aotearoa, Ally found her home at Om Yoga Studio, where she completed her second 200-hour training in 2019. Movement has always come naturally to Ally, who has spent most of her life as a competitive jazz and contemporary dancer. She is enthralled by the psychology of wellbeing, and the path of yoga that allows students to delve deep and uncover layers of themselves. Her sequences are influenced by these elements and are interwoven with themes that encourage participants to become curious about all aspects of life. Ally’s classes are interlaced with meditation, energy work and grounding practices, with movement based elements that are designed to help practitioners explore how each individual, unique body moves. Ally has a degree in communication with a focus on interpersonal and intercultural engagements, and offers clear and personable guidance. Learning is Ally’s true passion, and she is currently furthering her yoga education towards a 300-hour certification at Om Yoga Studio as well as studying towards a degree in Psychotherapy.

Beth Stein

Beth took her first yoga class at university to fill a class credit, the first step on the long and windy road leading to her first teacher training in 2007. Beth’s constant curiosity in the way things are interconnected has lead to a life of extensive travel where she has found herself teaching across the globe, immersing herself in the culture, studying its energy and simply watching the world unfold in front of her. Her latest navigation has, once again, brought her to Auckland and OM. It’s that spirit of connection and awareness, where the internal meets the external through body, breath and energy which she brings to her classes.

Beth’s interest in energy patterning and the way it fluidly travels the body led her to become a level 3 Reiki master practitioner. Reiki is a form of energy therapy which uses universal connection to unravelhabits, remove energetic blocks and heal past trauma. She offers personalized Reiki sessions, using the uniqueness of each individual’s energy body to offer gentle guidance in a direction which brings about lasting change and growth.


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