• Massage

    Standard rates

    $50 – 1/2 Hour | $90 1 Hour | $120 1&1/2 Hours

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  • Wellness Package

    Includes 3 yoga classes and one 60-min massage within a two week period.

    Experience how good Yoga and massage can make you feel in just two weeks!
    Makes a wonderful gift. *One package per yogi

    Special offer only $109

  • Maadi Dalgliesh Waugh
    Growing up immersed in the natural health industry, Maadi has experienced and observed first hand the benefit that natural therapies such as massage can have on the body, mind and spirit.

    It was only logical that after her own adventure travelling the world that she dives into the study of sports massage therapy. Through a variety of techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release and other soft tissue therapies. Maadi aims to provide an environment for the body to repair and heal itself whether physical or emotional.

    Maadi is very excited to be massaging alongside OM Yoga Studio who have inspired, calmed and motivated her throughout her own times of tension, stress and hardship.

    If you are having trouble with headaches, back pain, shoulder tension or just need to relax and rejuvenate

    please contact her on: 0210744376


  • Reiki Energy Healing with Jessica Mackie


    What is reiki?

    Reiki is a healing technique that positively effects all forms of illness whether physical, emotional or psychological. It uses a subtle energy that is harder to perceive than electrical, chemical or other physical energy. 

    The idea of healing with “invisible” energy can be difficult to fathom if you have not experienced it before. A helpful analogy is that of air. We cannot see air but is nevertheless real and essential. It nourishes our body and mind in ways we are not always able to sense or understand. Healing with energy like that used in reiki is much the same in that it’s invisible, but very real and very powerful. 

    A reiki session will be of benefit whether you wish to address a specific health or life concern, or are looking to take your already vibrant health and life to the next level. Treatments are relaxing and therapeutic. 

    Cost: $110
    To book a treatment with Jessica, email or call 0210 8281051

    Jessica is an intuitive healer trained in Angelic Reiki, a gentle yet powerful form of energy work that targets the deepest cause of any issue. In each session Jessica intuitively offers the highest energy destined for you.

    Treatments are therapeutic and relaxing. Suitable for all symptoms from the physical, to the emotional and intellectual, to the spiritual.