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Reiki with Master Practioner Paula Guy

From the moment you arrive for your Reiki Healing session at Om Yoga Studio you will feel at ease, safe, secure and held in the calm space bathed in the energy of the watchful mountain Maungarei, one of Auckland’s largest volcanoes.

After a light discussion of your general health, your wants, needs and desired outcome of the treatment you will lie comfortably and fully clothed upon the therapy table under a blanket.

Quiet soothing music and a gentle guided meditation will prepare mind and body to relax, accept and receive the high vibrational flow of Universal Energy for your greatest and highest good.

Placing hands either upon the body or above in the auric field, I will work from head to toe channeling Reiki which flows throughout the body and all it’s subtle layers to bring you a very powerful and personalised treatment to activate the body’s own healing capability to support you on life’s journey




Nicola is a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Naturopathic practice uses natural remedies to help your body-mind-spirit heal itself. It embraces a variety of therapies such as herbal medicine and supplements, nutritional and dietary advice, lifestyle habits and mindfulness. It may also involve various testing such as blood tests, hormone testing and food sensitivity testing.

Breath Work

Sarah is an experienced and qualified Breathwork guide

Breathwork is a deeply empowering meditation practice that uses a variety of breath patterns to clear energy, manage stress and emotions, restore the nervous system and shift into higher states of consciousness . It has been practised for thousands of years with roots in Pranayama (yogic breathing) and then further developed as a healing modality in the 60’s alongside holistic therapy for trauma and depression



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