Our Philosophy

Welcome to Om Yoga Studio

Our philosophy at Om is to make yoga accessible for everyone, not just the super strong and bendy! To build a strong community, a sanctuary where people can step off the busy wheel of life and into the studio for some space and time for self. 

Whether you’re looking for a physical practice or a more spiritual one, there are classes to suit everyone. We aim to create a peaceful, friendly, relaxing environment. 

Some of our most popular classes are the Yin and Yin/Yang. These classes are a wonderful way to wind down from a busy day or begin the day with a sense of calm, clarity and space. With the busyness of life that consumes us in our fast paced world, coming onto your mat to practice Yoga is where you can find the inner calm and peace to help you pause and reset. 

If you need to move, try one of our invigorating Vinyasa classes to get into the moment through breath and flowing movement. If you want to get focused, hot and sweaty, then try our Hot Hatha class, where the focus is alignment.

Our teachers are well trained, friendly, compassionate. They are always ready to offer you the best possible guidance in classes for your body, mind and soul.