Sandey Hoskin

Sandey began her career in health and fitness 20 years ago teaching Deep Water Aerobics, Circuit Training and Step classes. She moved to Sydney and started her own Personal Training business in both gym and water based environments.

With a yearning to continue learning and helping people to heal themselves, Sandey became a certified massage therapist in 2000. Yoga came as part of a natural progression. Wanting to find a way of getting out of “my head” and into “my body”, Sandey completed the studio’s RYT-200 level teacher trainee program in 2009.

Yoga has changed the way Sandey looks at everything. Through yoga she is able to find the ease and clarity in stressful situations that would normally seem difficult to handle. Sandey’s goal is to be still doing everything that keeps the body, mind and spirit youthful and free as long as she is breathing. She takes a holistic approach to her life and in her teaching.

With Sandey’s powerful vocals and dynamic, and her focused and caring teaching style, she wants to allow people to find the freedom in their own practice. To be exactly who they are without judgment but with encouragement to be the best they can possibly be in their practice and in their life while in a safe and caring environment.