Mari-Halina Colbert

Physical expression has been an organic part of Mari’s life for many years. 

Mari came to yoga 9 years ago while deep in the midst of dance training and, like many others, entered the practice to gain greater strength and flexibility. It’s impossible not to notice the profound effect that yoga can have on the body, mind and soul, and following several years of dancing professionally in Europe, Mari realised that her heart lay in taking the steps toward becoming a yoga teacher. Driven by a profound passion to help others and also by a love for, and belief in, the expressive, healing power of movement and meditation, Mari completed her TTC in India with Heather Elton and Emil Wendel.

Mari believes that, “yoga is not only about the asana (the postures), it is a journey inwards. It is about learning to listen, to wholeheartedly tune into the fluctuations of the mind and emotions and by doing so stilling the inner turmoil that is inevitable to the human condition. Being on the mat is a wonderful opportunity for self discovery. Through the practice of yoga we are grounded in the present moment. We can practice loving kindness, explore our innate strength and attentively care for our unique bodies and minds and thus liberate ourselves, and ultimately those around us, from suffering. It is my sincerest hope that I can guide others on this journey.”