Buster Caitcheon

Buster Caitcheon is a young New Zealand based folk and soul musician, yoga instructor and environmentalist.

Hailing from the stunning shores of Waiheke Island, Buster has an infectious infatuation with life itself – which he pours into his sound in the form of live looped percussion and colourfully layered vocal harmonies. He also holds a deep rooted passion for protecting mother earth and her collective inhabitants, and this sets the theme for a great deal of his emotive lyrics.

Through the avenue of teaching yoga, Buster’s primary drive is to create space, and to extend the invitation to turn inwards.

Trained at The Practice in Canggu, Bali, Buster teaches both yin yoga and traditional tantric hatha. Having recently discovered how to fuse his two passions, he has spent the last three years co-creating live music serenaded yin yoga classes with an array of accredited teachers across NZ, Australia and Bali.