Kirtan with Aimee Glucina-Stevens

April 12th – 7pm-8:30pm
All ages welcome. Kids under 10 are welcome to join for free.
Cost –  $15 each session
This is a non-judgemental space for you to gather with community, explore and share your voice, and connect through a devotional practice. Kirtan is at the heart and soul of Yoga, aligned to the path of Bhakti. It is a powerful, pure practice where we gather together in a safe space and chant melodic, devotional Mantra together as a community. Mantra purifies the mind, raises our vibration individually and as a collective, and expands our capacity to live with more love, courage, inner security, and a greater will to surrender. We will harmonise our unique voices and co-create a unique space of gratitude. You are invited to show up and be authentically as you are, with curiosity and an open heart. Om.