Cacao Ceremony & Inka Medicine Wheel with Connie Causa

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to explore one of the most sacred Super Food of the world, known and used by centuries by many communities in central and south America as “Food of the Gods” for it´s power to open and heal the heart, plus many benefits for the body that are known today.
The context of a ceremony is the creation of a safe and intentional space for exploration, healing, liberation and empowerment of the self, this is what we call sacred space, invoking subtle energies to work with us, such a guidance from the directions, elements, plant spirit and any spiritual teacher that the attendee might want to work with.
Through guided meditation, the power of intention and the ceremony itself, we can enter into a personal and collective space in where we can transcend many of our limited thoughts and beliefs so we can remember our essence and its true purpose.
The Andes Mountain Range is one of the most sacred places on earth, an energetic cord where many cultures have based their existence and gain their wisdom, a set of many many stories that have been shared through oral tradition to keep the connection and strengthen our connection with Pachamama, our mother Earth and Inti Tayta, our father Sun, these relationships are the foundations of the Inka Medicinal Wheel, known as the Chakana.
This journey has the purpose to ignite a sacred relationship within ourselves and nature, and also restore our bond with the elements around us in a practical way that enhances our existence and allow us to raise our consciousness as human beings.
Date and Time: Friday 27th of July, 7pm (2 hours)
Individual price $35
Couples $45
Please note if you are booking the couples price please email the studio directly