Beyond Asana – The Essential Guide to Tantra Yoga with Kara-Leah Grant

Are you ready to take your Yoga beyond Asana?

Join Kara-Leah for a half-day workshop where we will:

• Discuss the essential understandings of Tantra Yoga;
• Explore how to apply these understandings to your ordinary life;
• Learn a daily Tantra Yoga practice you can do anywhere, anyhow, in less than 11 minutes; and
• Discover the power of Tantra Yoga to completely change the way you experience reality (and it’s AMAZING!).

This workshop is perfect for you if:

• You’re ready to take your Yoga practice beyond asana, but you don’t know where to start;
• You’re curious about Tantra Yoga and want to know more about it;
• You’re struggling with life and need a powerful technique for being at peace with whatever happens;
• You’re on the path of awakening and want some guidance and support for your next steps; or
• You’re looking for a powerful practice that will radically shift your experience of life.

No Yoga experience is required for this workshop – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any Asana in your life! This might even be the first time you’ve walked into a yoga studio.

Date and Time:

Sunday 28th October from  11:00-14:30pm


$59 Early Bird (before October 21st)
$79 Full Price

Kara-Leah was initiated into the Kashmir Shaivism Tantra Yoga Lineage in 2010. The core practice she was taught is now her daily practice, and she’s on her way to 1000 Days in a row of that practice. A few months ago, she was told that now is the time to begin to teach this practice.

This is the beginning of sharing this practice.