• Kylie Rook

    Kylie was born to move and to teach.  From the age of 5 she began dancing and by 16 she was teaching Dance.  Between dance and yoga she has been teaching for 20+ years – children through to adults, abled bodied and those with neuromuscular conditions or injuries.

    Along with this passion to share her knowledge, she has always loved anatomy and physiology and the kinesiology of movement.   She started her working life with a Bachelor of Nursing and has since gone on to study with Yoga Medicine after gaining her RYT200.

    She is a passionate yogi with a dedicated self practice and a desire to learn more.  She believes that the best teachers are the ones that are also forever students.  Always enquiring, learning, studying and staying curious.
    Her teaching comes from a strong anatomical base with the Philosophy of Yoga brought into an everyday context.

    She loves to teach and share her passion for Yoga, Anatomy and how to improve your life through a deeper awareness of yourself and your breath.

  • Sandey Hoskin


    Lead Teacher and Mentor RYT 200 hour Teacher Training

    Om Yoga Studio

    Sandey completed her 200-hour Teacher Training in 2009. She is a lead teacher and mentor for The Yoga Corner and Om Yoga Studio teacher training. Sandey’s strength’s are in teaching Hatha and Vinyasa flow, facilitating and holding space for students to transform in their own way at their own pace, to find and listen to their own inner teacher (Atman).  Her teaching style is creative, challenging and inspiring.

    Sandey is passionate about developing and inspiring teachers and students to find their dharma (purpose). Sandey has furthered her education and training with Leslie Kaminoff, Mark Stephens (currently completing her 500 hour training with Mark), Duncan Peak, Amy Ippoliti, Tiffany Cruikshank, Shiva Rea, Noah Maze and Cameron Shayne.

    With a passion for holistic health and well-being Sandey’s classes and teachings offer more than just a physical practice. Sandey emphasizes the importance of integrating all aspects of yoga into her teaching. She is both caring and intuitive in her approach. Sandey is focused to strong safe structural alignment principles, along with mindfulness and breath awareness tools and techniques to guide individuals into a deeper awakening of mind-body connection.

  • Fiona Liu

    Fiona is a highly experienced yoga teacher, specializing in Yin and Yin Yang styles.

    She also enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes.

    There is always an aspect of meditation in her classes no matter what style it is. You’ll leave feeling inspired and peaceful.

    She is a lead teacher, mentor and facilitator at the Om Yoga Studio teacher training program along with Sandey Hoskin.

    Over the past few years, she has mentored a number of teaching graduates and yoga teachers, and helped them to hone their teaching skills.

    For Fiona, “The on-going self-inquiry of yoga allows me to look deep inside and be clear of what I need on and off the mat. Yoga helps me open to life’s limitless opportunities and live with a more open mind and an open heart.” Fiona is passionate about yoga therapy, helping people awaken their body and mind through yoga and is encouraging of the potential discovery of peacefulness, calmness and strength practice brings.

    Fiona has studied with world-class yoga teachers like Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Tiffany Cruikshank, Donna Farhi, Noah Maze, Duncan Peak and Desiree Rumbaugh, thus learnt yoga and understand it from different perspectives.
    She is fascinated by how our human bodies are so different and respect the differences in a group classes and highly capable of working with individuals.

    She teaches Private sessions using her yoga therapy skills, as well as group classes at both The Yoga Corner and Om Yoga Studio. She enjoys what students teach her as much she teaches them and is grateful the shared process of self-discovery, strength and joy in every class.