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What’s Special about our training…

Why learn with us…

Our RYT 200-hour teacher training is a comprehensive program that provides essential knowledge and tools for dedicated students who wish to enhance their practice whilst learning to teach from a place of authenticity and integrity. 

As guides and teachers at Om Yoga Studio we offer a fun, supportive, nurturing learning environment in which we will prepare students to teach Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga. The Teacher Training program has been designed to offer a well-rounded introduction to the practical skills required for teaching as well as an understanding of the ancient yogic philosophies and how to integrate these when teaching classes for our modern day world. 

We encourage Teacher Trainees to develop their full potential, moving through the process of personal awareness into a deeper place of awakening. We welcome you to join us for this incredible rewarding journey on and off the mat! We’re as passionate about preparing our teachers to teach as we are about our yoga!

Professional and Transformational

The 3.5 month course allows time to learn and integrate all aspects of the training including, yoga philosophy, energetics, asanas (poses) anatomy and biomechanics, as well as how to help prevent injuries in class.

Learn Varied Yoga & Meditation Styles 

We introduce different styles of yoga (Hatha/Vinyasa and Yin), Mindfulness, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation. Our focus is on approaching asanas in a variety of ways, ensuring students are well equipped with teaching methodology, tools and techniques to get them safely in and out of poses.

Real Class Teaching /Assisting Experience

Training includes the opportunity to be mentored and assist in regular classes during training.


Workshops will be held throughout the training to allow students to further develop specific skills in areas such as public speaking, finding your authentic voice, building confidence and a presence to deliver powerful and meaningful classes.

Small Class Size

With only 22 spaces available we make sure you receive our undivided individual attention.

Ongoing Support

After graduating from our training, the first 3 classes teaching publicly at the studio are mentored by the lead trainers

You will learn…

  • The proper alignment, benefits and potential risks of foundational yoga postures in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin.
  • Principles of anatomy and how they apply to each posture.
  • Intelligent sequencing of a yoga class.
  • How to observe and see bodies and be able to make basic hands on adjustments
  • The art of using your voice with confidence and authenticity.
  • Confidence through practice teaching, giving and receiving feedback from teachers and students.
  • An introduction to ancient yoga history and philosophy including the Yoga Sutras.
  • An introduction into the subtle body, Ayurveda, meridians, chakras and meditation.
  • Sanskrit names of postures and their etymology.
  • Ethics of a yoga teacher. The student/teacher relationship.
  • The business of yoga and what’s next.

Teacher Training 2021

Training Dates

Modules 1-4 

  • Jan 29th – Feb 1st: Module One (4 days) 40hours
  • Feb 26th – March 1st: Module Two (4 days) 40hours
  • March 25th – 28th: Module Three (4 days) 40hours
  • April 24th – 26th: Module Four (3 days) 30hours
  • May 7th – 8th: Finals preparation and practical’s week of 9-15th Written assessment 
  • May 16th: Graduation

Compulsory Workshops (Saturday – Sunday, 12pm – 4pm):

  • February 20th -21st: Yin and Asana Workshop (8hours)
  • March 13th: Ayurveda Workshop (4hours)
  • March 14th: Introduction to Tantric Philosophy/Self Practice with Kara-Leah Grant (4hours)
  • April 10th – 11th: Public Speaking and Asana Clinic (8hours)
  • May 1st – 2nd: Asana Clinic/Sequencing (8hours)

Training Payment

Option 1: NZ $4,900, includes 4 months unlimited yoga and 10% off all books.

Option 2: NZ$4,400 if you already have an unlimited membership with The Yoga Corner/ Om Yoga Studio.

Early Registration Discount: Save $300 if you register and pay before November 30th, 2020.

Enrolment in this program is not confirmed until a $500 deposit is received.

(Cash, EFTPOS and Online Transfer payment methods only)

Hear from Our Graduates


Sally Flewelling

Graduate of OM’s 2017 Yoga teacher training program

“OM’s Yoga Teacher Training program really stands out from other teacher training options. After lots of research, I found many courses focused on teaching lots about yoga. But what makes OM uniques, is that Sandey, Fiona and Kylie keep the focus on how to help you how to become a truly authentic yoga teacher.

The course structure and pace really suited my learning style – being guided and practicing at OM on the weekends in a safe, supportive environment; then during the week, self-study and time to reflect on what we’d learned. As questions, thoughts and ideas popped up – there was plenty of time over our 4 month journey to discuss and play with concepts, to try things out. I loved how we explored everything from Yoga philosophy to Anatomy to Voice coaching to busting out some dance moves!

I’m so grateful to all the OM team for their dedication, unwavering support as well as sharing their substantial knowledge and love of yoga, to make us the best teachers we can be. I’m now teaching yoga in central Wellington and on the Kapiti coast and loving every moment! Namaste OM.”


Bleri Puidokas

“As I’ve mentioned to the OM Studio Yoga Teacher Training Instructors, this yoga teacher training is a lot more than teaching you how to cue asanas. It is a training about getting to know yourself first on a philosophical, anatomical and physiological level. It is about teaching you to show up when resistance is on the way and making you trust that you will come out on the other end stronger and better. It’s about finding your inner teacher, your atman, and how you can support others on the journey. From day one, the TT’s were trusted to teach in front of a real class, so from a hands on experience, the teaching opportunities are plentiful during the course. While the time commitment is high, I wouldn’t have chosen it any other way. Massive thank you to Sandey, Kylie and Fiona for tirelessly always being there to help guide us through our journeys, and for holding such a safe space.”


Dawn Frazer

“I never wanted to teach Yoga – I wanted to further my own practice and investigate myself. After considering an intensive course abroad and another more local training I decided to train at Om as I felt I would be considerably supported through the process. Taking part in your Teacher Training was the best decision I could have made. The standard of teaching, the knowledge of the tutors, the depth of content in the course and the care with which it is all delivered – it is all of the very highest standard. My life feels transformed, new and exciting opportunities await me and whether I teach Yoga or not (heads-up: it is rewarding, challenging and personally satisfying to teach) I could not be happier after completion of my 200 hour training at Om.”


Katherine Findlay

“The Om Yoga Studio Teacher Training course has been life changing for me.

I signed up, not fully knowing what to expect out of the journey. I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to teach yoga, but I knew that I wanted to learn more. The experience was more than I could have hoped for, not only did I learn about anatomy, cueing poses and yoga philosophy, I made lifelong friends along the way and learnt that yoga is everywhere (not just on the mat).

The structure of the course allowed me to balance my full-time work with practice and study, and Fiona and Sandey were always available for support. There were also fantastic workshops with guest speakers, enabling us to learn about yin yoga, meridian lines, voice coaching and so much more.

The training was so important in my own self-discovery journey. I found the courage to guide a group of people through a class and have and continued teaching and developing my own practice further.”


Bella Bowkett

“The course was so much more than I had expected! It covers several different aspects of yoga and you truly discover how yoga is so much more beyond the postures. The course challenges you right from day one, but the challenges are those which you feel ready and most importantly totally supported to tackle. And it is in those challenging moments that you gain the most insight and learning from. A standout of the course has to be the three powerful woman who hold the space and guide you through. Sandey, Fiona and Kylie are such dedicated, experienced and inspiring teachers who have a united vision of the course, yet each bring such unique qualities, experiences and knowledge. They complement and balance each other perfectly and as a student you know there is a solid platform of support with you all the way. On finishing the course, I truly feel I have gained new skills, knowledge, experience, and inspiration to take those next steps on my yoga teaching journey, whatever form that might be. Grateful to have completed my 200+ hour teacher training at OM this year and would highly recommend the course to anyone considering yoga teaching or those just curious to learn more about yoga beyond the mat.”


Tennessee Mansford

“Om Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training is transformational. It not only offered me the chance to deepen and develop my understanding of yoga but it really pushed me to my edge and helped me blossom.

There was an amazing range of inspirational teachers that held workshops – ranging from meridian lines, voice training to chakras and Yin Yoga.

The training offered the small group of teacher trainees the opportunity to find their passion within the yoga world – whether we went on to teach or not.

The wealth of knowledge of the teachers and the asana clinics assured me that I would be provided with everything I needed to teach. The opportunity to teach parts of public classes from the very beginning gave me the confidence to begin my teaching journey soon after graduating.

The course was deeply challenging but Fiona and Sandey ensured there was space to absorb the physical and spiritual changes that occurred. It allowed me to look deeply at where I was in my life and helped me make some really important decisions.

Since graduation I’ve carried the inspiration off my yoga mat into each day. Yoga isn’t confined to the studio – ‘Yoga is Now’!”


Chantelle Pemberton

“My journey of this learning has been a turning point in my life. I feel like I am a more compassionate person with a wider depth of knowledge as a result. We teacher trainees were all blessed to have Sandey, Fiona and Kylie as our guides and mentors. With their strength, wisdom, knowledge and compassion, they have truly supported all of us through out and challenged us to continuely rise to a new level. I feel very special that I have learnt from these wonderful people. Thank you. Namaste.”


Emily Rose Reid

“The end of this program is the start of a journey. I have opened doors, windows and pathways that I shall not (and with no desire to) turn back from. The universe is infinite and exists within each and everyone of us.”

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