Rekindle your Fire with Sally Flewelling

Rekindle your Fire with Sally Flewelling

Sally is back at OM for her first Acupuncture and massage clinic of 2018

Sally is an energetic practitioner (in every sense) who helps resolve aches, pains and illness by moving blocked energy. Sally’s sessions have previously sold out, so book early to secure your spot…

For more information and booking, please call the studio: 092129579 or email

Date and Times:

Monday 26th Feb | 12:00pm first session, 18:15pm last session

Tuesday 27th Feb | 10:45am first session -18:15pm last session

Wednesday 28th Feb |  10:45am- first session 17:00pm last session

Thursday 1st Mar | 8:15am first session 12:00pm last session

Cost: $110 for a 60 minute session

Pre-payment only