Lunar Namaskar – Hatha Yoga Workshop Series with Nik Robson

The Ancient Hatha Yoga text, Gherande Samhita states “Once the moon has been made steady, the sun can be made to rise.”
This workshop series is intended to take you on a journey exploring the lunar side of hatha yoga practices.
We will utilise the full spectrum of hatha yoga methods including asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, mantra and meditation.
With clear intention and respect for these powerful practices we embark on this journey from the dense to the subtle. from dark to light,
from fear to love.
Date and Time of Hatha Yoga Workshop Series:
LUNAR WISDOM – Friday 17th Nov 19:00-20:00pm  (FREE TALK)
The modern yoga revolution is a revival of ancient tradition. A free Presentation explaining the moon sun fire progression of Hatha yoga. Nik will share his own experiences and journey to this point.
STILL LAKE – Saturday 18th Nov 11.30-14.00pm
Moving fluidly with the principle of vinyasa krama to synchronise mind, body and breath we settle into a state of effortless stillness. As we reconnect to the pure awareness of purusa the mind becomes like a vast still lake perfectly reflecting the light of the moon.
YOGIC SLEEP – Saturday 18th Nov 19.00-21.00pm
Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga work together to bring the body to a deep state of relaxation. With the practice of prana dharana we sense and direct energy with the mind. Sankalpa infuses the essence of our intention deep into our subconscious mind.
EARTH WARRIOR – Sunday 19th Nov 11.30-14.00pm
We are born from the Earth and we return to it when we die. In truth we are never separate. Cultivating the grounding force of apana vayu at the base of the spine through bandha, kumbhaka and pranayama we grow deep roots. Using the hands as an extension of the heart we practice as an offering to our Earth Mother, Papatuanuku.
SHIVA VISION – Sunday 19th Nov 19.00-21.30pm
Our third eye is the gateway to one pointed awareness and higher perception. Infusing tantric practices of kriya meditation, mantra and mudra we balance the nadis and cultivate the force of transformation in the naval known as samana vayu.
Cost: $140 for all four
Special offer for all four workshops: First 20 spaces $120 / Yoga teachers $100
“I am so excited to return to New Zealand after 8 months teaching at The Practice Bali in Canggu. I am inspired to share our system of Hatha Yoga known as Moon Sun Fire. My heart has gone into these workshops as they include the essence of life lessons and challenges I have overcome on my journey so far. These events will have a community feel with support from my tribe. Organic Mechanic kombucha will be served on tap. I am proud to announce that I will be teaching at next years Wanderlust Festival in Great Lake Taupo. To spread the word I have two tickets to give away to next years event in March. To win all you have to do is share this event via Facebook or post on Instagram. Details are at the bottom of the page below the full workshop series description. Thank you for your support. See you soon!”
– Nik Robson