Inversion Workshop Series with Kylie Harris

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Join Kylie and learn how to safely invert, how to strengthen, how to deepen your practice with this workshop series.

Inversion fundamentals: Inversions are a great complement in your yoga practice.  Benefits include strengthening the core, shoulders, and butt as well as connecting to our inner child and counteracting all of the sitting we do day to day.  They also can be scary and FEAR is a major limiting factor for many of us when we first encounter Inversions.  Join Kylie in this 2 hour workshop to explore the fundamentals to an inversion practice.  What needs to open, what needs to strengthen, what is the foundation for each inversion.  We will look at headstand, forearm stand and handstand and work both at the wall and with partners so you can begin to feel confident playing upside down.

Suitable for those who are curious about inversions, or are already starting to play but need to refine their technique.

Date and Time:  Sunday 18th March 11:00-13:00pm

Cost: $60 per workshop or $165 for all three

Inversions, Transitions and Progressions: This workshop is designed to build on the Inversion Fundamentals. In this workshop we will look at how you can start to bring inversions into your flow. Transitions from crow to headstand, incorporating a stag hop, and the multiple variations for ways we can get into and out of inversions.

This workshop is suitable for those that already have started to play with inversions and a hungry for more.

Date and Time:  Saturday 14th April 12:00-14:00pm

Cost: $60 per workshop or $165 for all three

Yoga conditioning to deepen your practice: Sometimes within a yoga class it is difficult to understand how to engage the right muscles to keep the joints safe, but to also make the pose feel less stressfull.  Weakness in key muscles leads to compensation and this can set us up for injury.  In this workshop we will look at ways to build strength in the common areas we are weak – e.g glutes, hamstrings, middle and lower trapezius that poses like chaturanga feel easier, chair pose no longer burns your thighs, your shoulders don’t ache and you feel less pain in your low back.

When we engage the right muscles and find balanced action within the joint our practice feels much better and we are also less prone to injury.

Suitable for anyone who wants to refine their technique and gain strength.

Date and Time:  Sunday 13th May 11:00-13:00pm

Cost: $60 per workshop or $165 for all three