How to Live Your Yoga & Rock Your Life with Kara-Leah Grant

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Want to take your practice and understanding of Yoga deeper? Ready for more than just postures?
Want to learn how to apply Yoga to rock your life?

This is the course for you.

Join Kara-Leah in a weekly exploration of yoga philosophy like Patanjali’s Eight Limbs, the Kleshas, the Gunas and other weird sounding yogic terms… wrapped around the question:

“What’s this got to do with me & my life?”

We’ll take a spacious 2.5 hours to share what’s going on in our lives right now, and explore how to apply the tools of yoga to those challenges.

It’s like a mini-retreat, in the middle of the week, for six weeks in a row. (And yes, you have to sign up for the whole six weeks!)

In that 2.5 hours… we’ll examine one key philosophical concept and explore how it applies to our daily life, while using the yogic tools of posture, breath work, meditation, visualisation and chanting.

Expect to come home to yourself in a deep & powerful way… so you can step back out in the world ready to indeed ROCK your life.

And of course, because we’ll all journey together over the course of the six weeks, expect to connect to a group of like-minded souls ready to evolve and expand.

Date and Time:  

Tuesdays 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th May and 5th June



$249 Early bird (before April 14th)
$299 Full Price