Energy Healing with Dean Rawlings

Energy Healing with Dean Rawlings

All areas of imbalance whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual can be understood and helped by working within your energy field.

When we first meet, I tune in to you so that I can see, feel and read your energy and connect with your unique spirit. A further connection is then made with your spirit guides who give me direction on what your soul requires to heal. This may include re-balancing of your energy, removing old energy blockages, removal of attached spirits, deep energy healing. I take great care to create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and safety for you, allowing you to open up to the deepest levels that you are capable of at the time. All healing’s are unique and don’t follow a ridged routine, giving space for the healing process to unfold naturally.

For more information and booking, please call the studio: 09 212 9579 or email

Date and Times:

Friday 1st | 8am first session, 4pm last session

Saturday 2nd | 8am first session, 4pm last session

Cost: $155 for a 60 minute session